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Just two seniors (jz and toh) prepping for college and willing to help anyone else along the way :)

11. How you spent your most memorable lunch hangout


End of sophomore year, a big group of us all went out to eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Haha the food was good, conversation was good, and afterwards some of the guys went to Ian’s house to just hang out. I remember Bobby came and at some point at Ian’s house just kinda passed out and the guys drew all over him with Sharpie LOL just overall it was a great way to cap off two stressful years at Jasper.

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From the #Vanderbilt University tag! I love this school so much.

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10. Something you never expected you’d do and ended up loving


Two things (three counting a discontinued one…)

I guess something that I continue to do today would be something like organizing and planning events. Since our middle school whiz quiz nats trips, I’ve always ended up being the right hand organizer to the teacher/sponsor ;-;” Some how I’m actually not bad at it?? Planning trips and keeping things organized have played to my strengths while doing SRC forms and state stuff for RO this year.

Another thing for me would be public speaking. I used to be scared af of going up in front of a group and talking or presenting (Still am to some degree ;-;) but since 7th grade Ari started dragging my ass to speech events…thanks to him I joined a Toastmasters for a year and a half and started learning how to communicate and present myself on a stage. I joined some reader’s theatre thing too at some middle school speech/debate tournament, and not only did we perform but that’s where I got to know STsai pretty well, who was then a pretty good public speaker. Freshman year I started preparing a lot for public presentations for science fair/research stuff and I really started enjoying going up and talking about the research that I’ve done.

The last thing that I found I actually enjoyed was making study guides back at Jasper. Yeah I know it sounds pretty masochistic ;-; but after I started with the first humanities and HGAP test I just kinda kept going to help myself study, and gain the added bonus of helping others around me (turns out it’s all around Plano now?!?!?!?)

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9. Most fun class


Hmm, probably Humanities. Haha, I have a lot of good memories from humanities <3

The first year I had it with Stanton/Siddiqui and I met a bunch of new sophomores who helped me ease into high school life. I remember Logan and Alex elfman and Enoch haha. All the activities and projects we did in class were really fun…

The second year was with Whitten/Stanton and oh my the sass dynamic was so different from the Siddiqui/Stanton sass. Whitten was always more vocal towards Stanton, and there were so many Whitten “uh-huh” moments (quoting from her time on Jeopardy) heh. The sophomore group with Sam and Roy and b00by was really great too ^^

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"Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back."
Yasmin Mogahed (via thekaatibah)
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I wanna get extremely hot for college but alas I am a lazy potato

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harvard is red

yale is blue

falling in love with schools that accept 5.79% and 6.72% of applicants

what a foolish thing for me to do

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Originally, my first choice accepted school (Allegheny) was only offering me about $20k in aid, meaning I couldn’t afford to go to school there. I was devastated because I’ve felt for a long time that Allegheny was supposed to be MY school.

I just got an email in reply to the appeal my mother sent and they’re offering me an extra grant for $10,50 a year. TEN THOUSAND MORE DOLLARS.


I’m actually crying right now.

Congrats !!!

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University of Texas at Austin


Hey guys I’m in a dilemma of gigantic proportions. One that just might dwarf the Cold War in terms of its importance to the human race. 
UT Austin or UCLA for electrical/computer engineering
Answer with care and remember, may the force be with you. 
( I know that this isn’t the most unbiased place to do this but I would appreciate any input. Thanks a lot)
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What Students Really Need to Hear →

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Anonymous asked: Tiffany, why did you decide to pick UT Dallas over Cornell? :)


How to explain this
It was basically just cry
My story for my acceptance to cornell was like rejected from 7 schools in a freaking row 3
And then I checked cornell last and I guess my eyes blurred everything and I thought I was rejected from there at first too XD
But then my dad called and he was like CONGRATULATIONS TIFF, and I was like wth, you’re congratulating me for rejections from ~8~ schools and got pissed. But then he’s like da heck, you got accepted to cornell
Then I was in shock, re-read and screamed and shouted like a little girl getting to meeting a real life disney princess XD
I fell so in deep love, but when I came home my dad was basically like you don’t go UTD (because that was cheapest), you pay for everything ON YOUR OWN.
And I was like shiiiiiiii—-
More than that though, I realized that I still have med school and losing everything i gained from tams go to waste, go for broke from undergrad, plus bad relationship with my dad therefore no more contact with general family… It wasn’t worth
So I had to start falling out of love… I didn’t go to preview days, I didn’t join Facebook group and tried my best to see da benefits of staying home, rooming with mah best friend, staying close to family and Dallas internship + decent BME/neuroscience/nanotechnology at UTD + save for med school

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8. Favorite book you actually read for English class


still late af x.x last week+this weekend was so busy

I actually read most of the readings I had to back in high school and middle school :v there were actually a lot that I liked!

We read an abbreviated Les Misérables by Victor Hugo in 8th grade and that was gr9….and watching the 10th Anniversary Musical made it even better (Y) My Name is Asher Lev, Things Fall Apart, and The Count of Monte Christo were all really good in high school too…

but now, lol what is reading for English

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How to get into college in 1983: get good grades

How to get into college in 2013: get good grades, speak six languages, be a rocket scientist, and end world hunger

How to pay for college 1983: Work part time and summers. Maybe take out minimal loans. 

How to pay for college 2013: Which of your organs is the most valuable? 

What to do with your degree in 1983: work in your field
What to do with your degree in 2013: cry


What’s 2014 going to be like 3

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